My Daily Trade Tools

The Machine I Currently Use

Brother SE400

I really LOVE this machine because you can sew, quilt and embroider. If you can imagine it, you can create it! It's easy, high tech yet simple to use. You can read about it here

The Serger I Currently Use

Singer Pro-finish

I love this because the 2-3-4 thread capability provides more stitch variety and the differential feed eliminates stretching and puckering on all fabrics. Plus it's currently on sale. See it here:

My DSLR Camera

Canon Rebel T5i

I can't explain how awesome this camera is. A bit on the mid-high price but you will get outstanding picture and video quality. Unmatched in it's class! Check it out here:


I got my order today and OMG!!!!! I love the quality of your fabric, its amazing!! Thick and pretty colors, just washed it and it didnt bleed at all, not one bit!!! I LOVE IT!

Crystal H

Oh My Gosh... I seriously can't tell you how much I LOVELOVELOVE this athletic fabric! It's so comfy and slinky and stretchy! And to top it all off... My son loves it too.

Ashley G

As always, this fabricis perfect!!! Buttery soft, thick, no shrinking or fading! In Love over here.

Melanie S
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